ValleyRoad Capital SA is also an aviation consultancy specialising in Business and Commercial Aviation, including advising, planning, building, and overseeing all business processes for startup or established companies.

We provide customers with high-quality, trusted, and reliable aviation solutions backed by flexibility and a constant commitment to our clients.

We empower our clients to effectively launch or manage their operations, including detailed analysis of costs and revenue, detailed analysis and management of key areas such as maintenance and regulatory compliance.

An effective aviation consultant works hand in hand with clients and stakeholders to understand the nature of the situation and analyse data based on aviation standards to find solutions.

Our diverse team of international aviation, travel and hospitality experts brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge across multiple sectors and regions.

Our team is not a traditional consulting company, but one that goes beyond business plan data and analytics to create a true partnership where we can share our practical management experience and operational expertise to shape and build your business and help you achieve the desired results.

We offer high-quality services at our offices in the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland , Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan .

Key Facts:

  • Integrated solutions for airlines and business aviation operators

  • Airline startup, financing, acquisition, sale, turnaround, and management

  • Sale and purchase of aircraft and engines for airlines and private operators

  • Leasing, financing, and restructuring of aircraft and engine transactions

  • Staffing solutions for airlines

  • Legacy and low cost operations model

  • Manufacturing partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

  • Provision of maintenance and overhaul facilities

  • Airport demand planning to infrastructure finance and construction.

  • Hospitality sector demand planning to infrastructure finance and construction

Our unique operational and strategic insights and experience are based on years of work with public and private sector stakeholders and business partners in aviation, travel and tourism. This is further enhanced by the knowledge and practical skills gained from decades of airline management.

Today, we continue to partner with governments, airlines, airports, MROs and travel companies in search of synergies and economies of scale to create strategies that deliver real value to corporations and countries.

We also benefit from the support and experience of a strong group of consultants, all of whom are involved in our projects, where their experience enhances our offer and enhances our capabilities.

We have access to highly qualified and experienced airline executives who can fill key leadership positions where their knowledge transfer and mentoring role is vital to the development of existing teams.

We also have the ability to provide and appoint experienced executives to support and guide new and existing airlines during the critical first months.

At the helm of our aviation consulting business are Paul de Salis, an experienced aviation consultant with many years of experience, an aviation executive with successful experience in launching and restoring airline companies and Andrey Chernyaev, an entrepreneur with experience in developing international high-tech projects, which have resulted in several mergers and acquisitions.

If you are concerned about safety standards, crew performance, international flights and pilot selection or training, we can help you with your situation.

We offer our services in new airline projects, managing the company’s activities and development at the regional and international levels.