Banks structural changes

Private Banking M&A: Share or Asset Deal?

It, of course, is a truism to state that the Swiss Private Banking industry is undergoing very significant structural changes, which are being driven by the new tax (and regulatory) paradigm as well as by the changing competitive landscape, both in Switzerland and internationally. A...

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Yield hunters, pension funds and doggedly low interest rates

We are living a remarkable period of time, during which interest rates are very low and meant to stay that way for another year or two in the EU and Switzerland. Systemic risk is high and Western democracies are over-indebted (with a few exceptions). Several...

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Private Banking: Death Valley or the Valley of Elah?

Conventional wisdom imparted by bankers (and by many of the consultants advising them) says that the Wealth Management sector will not only have to rapidly consolidate in the face of the structural changes besetting the industry, but will also polarize in two very distinct sorts...

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